Timeline of the development of Residential VoIP Services in the US

Date Company Event
3/1/2006 Vonage Vongae reaches 1,500,000 customer mark
2/8/2006 Vonage Vonage plans IPO to raise $250M, has more than 1.4M subscribers
1/15/2006 Comcast Comcast exceeds the 200,000 VoIP subscriber mark
12/17/2005 Vonage Vonage picks up a further $250 million of venture capital, bringing its total raised to $658 million
12/8/2005 Yahoo Yahoo adds Phone In and Phone Out services to Yahoo! Messenger
12/6/2005 Time Warner Time Warner's VoIP subscriber base reaches 1,000,000, two months after Vonage did.
12/1/2005 Skype Skype launches version 2 with Video call capabilities
11/8/2005 CableVision CableVision has more than 600,000 VoIP subscribers
11/8/2005 Skype Skype has its 200 millionth download, adding around 1 million per day
11/3/2005 Microsoft Microsoft acquires VoIP software company media-streams
11/2/2005 Time Warner Time Warner has more than 850,000 VoIP subscribers, second only to Vonage
9/12/2005 Skype eBay purchases Skype for $2.6 billion
9/6/2005 Vonage Vonage Activates One Millionth Customer
8/30/2005 Microsoft Microsoft Acquires Teleo, VoIP Technology Company
8/23/2005 Google Google launches GoogleTalk Instant Messaging client with VoIP capabilities
6/30/2005 Vonage Vonage completes its 200,000,000th VoIP call
6/30/2005 Vonage Vonage activates its 700,000th line
6/15/2005 Yahoo Yahoo! purchases privately held Dialpad to add PSTN connected VoIP services to its Yahoo! Messenger product.
5/19/2005   FCC mandates that VoIP Providers in the US have 120 days to implement systems to ensure 911 calls made on their systems are directed to a geographically appropriate Emergency Center.
5/6/2005 Vonage Raises $200M in Venture Capital
4/15/2005 Skype Skype has its 100,000,000th download and launches beta tests of SkypeIn which allocates a number to the Skype account for incoming calls, as well as SkypeVoice Mail
4/7/2005 Verizon Verizon reduces its unlimited plan by $5 to $34.95 and added a 500 minute plan for $19.95
4/7/2005 AOL AOL launches its VoIP service, targeted mainly at existing AOL users. Unlimited local $18.99 and unlimited Long Distance $29.99, with $5 off each for first 3 months. Global plan $34.99. New AOL subscribers $39.99 (including AOL service), $10 off for first 6 months.
3/7/2005 Vonage Vonage activates its 500,000th line
2/15/2005 Skype Skype has 2,000,000 users on line at the same time
2/8/2005 ATT AT&T adds Small Business plan to CallVantage. 2 lines for $49.99
1/6/2005 Vonage Vonage launches in the UK
1/5/2005 Vonage Vonage activates its 400,000th line
12/31/2004 ATT CallVantage has added 53,000 subscribers since launch
12/7/2004 CableVision Cablevision surpasses 250,000 VoIP customers, adding 1,000 a day.
11/9/2004 Vonage FCC rules that Vonage's service is "interstate" keeping state regulation out of the VoIP business.
11/1/2004 SunRocket SunRocket launches its VoIP service
10/20/2004 Skype Skype has 1,000,000 users on line at the same time
9/29/2004 Packet8 Raises $12M from investors
8/25/2004 Vonage Vonage raises $105M of Venture Capital
7/24/2004 Verizon Verizon launches VoiceWing service at $39.95 for unlimited US plan.
7/13/2004 Vonage Vonage activates its 200,000th line
6/7/2004 Lingo Primus Telecommunications launches the Lingo VoIP service
5/17/2004 Vonage Vonage cuts Premium Unlimited plan by $5 to $34.99
4/12/2004 Vonage Vonage launches service in Canada
4/1/2004 BroadVoice BroadVoice launches its VoIP service for consumers and small businesses.
3/11/2004 VoiceGlo VoiceGlo raises $28M in venture capital funding
3/3/2004 ATT AT&T launches CallVantage
2/6/2004 Vonage Vonage raises $40M of Venture Capital
2/2/2004 Vonage Vonage activates its 100,000th line
12/10/2003 Vonage Vonage completes its 100,000,000th VoIP call
12/1/2003 Vonage Vonage introduces Basic Rate plan at $14.99 with 500 minutes.
11/24/2003 Vonage Vonage raises $35M of Venture Capital
9/23/2003 Vonage Vonage activates its 50,000th line
8/18/2003 Vonage Vonage completes its 50,000,000th VoIP call
8/4/2003 Vonage Vonage activates its 40,000th line
7/25/2003 Vonage Vonage completes its 40,000,000th VoIP call
6/16/2003 Vonage Vonage activates its 30,000th line
6/1/2003 Packet8 Packet8 launches unlimited US plan for $19.95 per month
6/1/2003 Packet8 Pilot's first VoIP E911 service
5/30/2003 Vonage Vonage completes its 25,000,000th VoIP call
5/22/2003 Vonage Vonage activates its 25,000th line
4/3/2003 VoicePulse VoicePulse launches its VoIP service.
3/31/2003 Vonage Vonage completes its 15,000,000th VoIP call
2/24/2003 Vonage Vonage completes its 10,000,000th VoIP call
1/23/2003 Vonage Vonage signs 10,000th subscriber
12/6/2002 Vonage Vonage completes its 4,000,000th VoIP call
11/11/2002 Vonage Vonage completes its 3,000,000th VoIP call
11/6/2002 Packet8 Packet8 launches its VoIP service
10/11/2002 Vonage Vonage completes its 2,000,000th VoIP call
8/19/2002 Vonage Vonage completes its 1,000,000th VoIP call
3/20/2002 Vonage Vonage launches its first service at $39.99 for unlimited local and long distance.
5/2/2001 Vonage Vonage raises $12M of Venture Capital